Health At Every Size

The Council on Size & Weight Discrimination promotes Health At Every Size (HAES).

The basic principles of this philosophy are:

  1. Total Health Enhancement and well-being, rather than weight loss or achieving a specific “ideal weight.”
  2. Self-acceptance and respect for the diversity of bodies that come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, rather than the pursuit of an idealized weight at all costs.
  3. The pleasure of eating well, based on internal cues of hunger and satiety, rather than on external food plan or diets.
  4. The joy of movement, encouraging all physical activities rather than prescribing a specific routine of regimented exercise.

Author: Kratina, Karin, MA, RD. Originally published as “Tenets of the Nondiet Approach” in Moving Away from Diets: Healing Eating Problems and Exercise Resistance by Kratina, Hayes and King, 1996.

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