Kids’ & Teens’ Weight Bibliography

Many of the books are available from local bookstores, libraries, or
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Free Eating Disorders Bookshelf Catalog.

Aronson, David. “No Laughing Matter: Young people who are overweight can face a lifetime of discrimination“. Teaching Tolerance Magazine, (Fall 1997).

Berg, Frances., ed. Afraid to Eat: Children and Teens in Weight Crisis. Hettinger, ND: Healthy Weight Institute, 402 S. 14th St., Hettinger, ND 58639, 1996.
–Statistics and recommended guidelines on prevalence, treatment, and prevention of weight problems and eating disorders.

Carlson, Nancy. ABC I Like Me! New York: Viking/Penguin, 1988. [Children’s book]
–Upbeat story of a young pig who likes all aspects of herself, including her round belly.

Gil, Eliana, PhD. “The Inner World of the Fat Child: Challenge for a Child Abuse Counselor.” Radiance, the Magazine for Large Women (Fall 1987).

Hall, Lindsey, and Cohn, Leigh. Bulimia: A Guide to Recovery. Carlsbad, CA: Gurze Books, 1986.
–A two-week recovery program and a guide for support groups.

Hirschmann, Jane R., CSW, and Zaphiropoulos, Lela, CSW. Preventing Childhood Eating Problems: A Practical, Positive Approach to Raising Children Free of Food & Weight Conflicts. Carlsbad, CA: Gurze Books, 1993.
–Letting kids choose their own food as a way to prevent obsession with food and weight.

Ikeda, Joanne and Naworski, Priscilla. Am I Fat? Helping Young Children Accept Differences in Body Size. Santa Cruz, CA: ETR Associates, 1992.
–Classroom and home activities teaching acceptance of kids of all sizes.

Jasper, Karin. Are You Too Fat, Ginny?. Toronto: Is Five Press, 1988. [Children’s book]
–Size-positive story for ages 7 to pre-teen of how one girl deals with the pressure to lose weight.

Kubersky, Rachel. Everything You Need to Know about Eating Disorders. New York: Rosen Publishing Group, 1992.
–Discussion, for grades 4 to 8, on the pressure to be thin and where to get help when you need it.

Levine, Michael, PhD, and Hill, Laura, PhD. A 5-Day Lesson Plan on Eating Disorders: Grades 7-12. Tulsa, OK: NEDO, 1996.
–Teachers’ guide on eating disorders, including lecture material, activities, visuals, etc.

Loewy, Michael I., Ph.D. “Working with Fat Children in Schools.” Radiance, the Magazine for Large Women (Fall, 1998).

Maine, Margo, PhD. Father Hunger: Fathers, Daughters, & Food. Carlsbad, CA: Gurze Books, 1991.
–Explores the connection between emotionally distant fathers and daughter with eating disorders.

Maurois, Andr. Fattypuffs and Thinifers. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1930, 1968.
–Entertaining, illustrated size-positive fable for children and adults.

NAAFA Newsletter. “Special Feature: Fat Kids and Parenting” Vol. XXIV.1 (June/July 1993). Smith, Sally E., ed. National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, P.O. Box 188620, Sacramento, CA 95818.
–Special feature on size issues for children and parents.

Newman, Lesla. Belinda’s Bouquet. Boston, Alyson Publications, 1991. [Children’s book]
–Story for preschoolers about a girl who discovers the value of diversity.

Newman, Lesla. Fat Chance. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1994. [Young Adult book]
–Novel about anorexia, in the form of a 13-year-old girl’s diary.

Rubel, Jean. When Children Hate Their Bodies and James, Lorca. “Fat or Not: A Teenager Reports” Radiance, the Magazine for Large Women, (Fall 1987).
–Dr. Rubel is the director of ANRED, Anorexia Nervosa and Related Eating Disorders.

Satter, Ellyn, RD, ACSW. How to Get Your Kid to Eat…But Not Too Much: From Birth to Adolescence. Palo Alto, CA: Bull Publishing, 1987.
–How parents can choose nutritious snacks, resist pressure to put child on diets, etc.

Stinson, Susan. Fat Girl Dances with Rocks. Spinsters Ink, 1994.
–Coming-of-age novel with a fat lesbian protagonist.

Summer, Nancy. “The Making of Young Activists: Bringing Size Awareness to the Classroom.” Radiance, the Magazine for Large Women (Winter 1996) pp. 10-14.
–First-person description of the Kids Come In All Sizes workshops experience.