About Us

Council Directors and Project Managers


William J. Fabrey, President and Executive Director

Media project
Human factors engineering
History of the size acceptance movement
Email: bill@cswd.org
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Ragen Chastain

Media spokesperson
Email: ragen@cswd.org
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Lynn McAfee, Director of Medical Advocacy

Interface with government groups, such as FDA, NIH
Interface with obesity researchers
Interface with drug manufacturers
Email: lynn@cswd.org
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Barbara Altman Bruno

History of the size acceptance movement
Email: barbara@cswd.org
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Meet our co-founders (1991) and current board members (2024)


Headshot of Miriam Berg
Miriam Berg* (Also President 1991-2017)

Headshot of Ragen Chastain
Ragen Chastain (Currently a Board member)

Headshot of Paula Dachis
Paula Dachis*

Headshot of Bill Fabrey
Bill Fabrey (Also President 2017-present)

Headshot of Carrie Hemenway
Carrie Hemenway*

Headshot of Lynn McAfee
Lynn McAfee (Currently a Board member)

Headshot of Nancy Summer
Nancy Summer*

Not pictured is Co-Founder Neil Dachis, who is currently not a Board member, as well as current Board member Barbara Altman Bruno.

*now deceased

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